So, the other day I installed EasyPHP to do some local stuff, instead of firing up a linux server, ftp and all his. (Yes, I am aware of "Vagrant"!! :D )

It was a Joomla project which, after its installation, threw errors in the console of the browser. Something about files not being found.

To my surprise, the files were there and it made no sense at all. I did also not find any info on that on the net, so I started taking this thing apart myself.

The problem was with files that were inside the "/models" path. As it turned out, the  EasyPHP administration interface uses /modules for itself and the main site config in apache's configuration (httpd.conf) was having an entry for that path.

Now, to resolve that situation, one must just add the following line (adapted to your environment) inside each <virtualhost>:

Alias /modules "mypath_to_the_host\modules"

Published: Wednesday, 16 January 2013 09:06